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Dear Rich Lifer,

October has come and gone: the leaves have changed, Halloween is behind us, and winter is speedily approaching. If you happen to live, or own a home in an area that is prone to snow, ice, and freezing temperatures in the winter, then it is time to start preparing your home for the coming cold.

While winterizing your home may not be the most exciting task, doing so is crucial. Many of us tend to overlook the importance of winter-proofing our homes, and you may be surprised to learn how much you can save in the long run by taking a few simple steps.

Today, I will share with you 5 painless things you can do to winter-proof your home and, by doing so, save money.

Protect Your Outdoor Faucets

Leaving outdoor water sources on and exposed to the elements is a surefire way to invite frozen, bursting pipes and expensive repairs. While taking care of them may seem like an obvious step, it is one that many forget about as seasons change and temperatures drop.

You can shut off your home’s internal water valve so that no water is pooling in faucets and pipes, and open all of your external taps to make sure they are drained completely. Once you’ve emptied all your taps, pipes and garden hoses, if you live in a particularly frigid northern state, consider using insulated faucet-covers to provide some further protection.

You can find good quality covers from stores like Walmart or Home Depot for well under twenty dollars a piece that can be reused year after year. Which is much cheaper the $280 average price you would have to pay to fix just a single foot of water pipe damaged from water freezing in your pipes.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Clean Out Your Gutters

Whether you choose to do it yourself, borrow the services of a friend, neighbor, or family member, or you choose to hire a professional, cleaning out your gutters is crucial to prolonging the life of your roof.

By the time winter rolls around, your gutters have collected at 9 months worth of leaves, twigs, debris and maybe even a few frisbees, depending on your neighborhood. Failing to clean out your gutters before ice and snowfall grace your with their frosty presence creates a significant amount of added weight and stress on your gutters and roof.

That added weight can damage your roof over time and the debris left in gutters can make it nearly impossible for melting snow and ice to effectively drain, rendering your gutters essentially useless. Take care of this task now, before you end up paying to reattach or replace collapsed gutters.

Take Care of Your Furnace

Having a professional come in to service your furnace or gas heater may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in reality, you may be saving yourself from waking up with icicles hanging from your ears and …read more

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