TSX Venture Testing All Time Lows: Time for Planting Not Selling

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I started investing and studying the junior mining business when I was still in high school.  I graduated in the class of 1998.  I missed BreX and saw all the stocks trading at literally a fraction of what they were worth years before.  I saw a contrarian opportunity as my friends all were in the dot com bubble at that time.

Living in the suburbs of NYC in a little town of Rye, NY, not far from Wall St. I took an early interest in stocks and finance.  I started going to conferences in NYC at the Marriot Marquis where I met a lot of the legends of today when they were starting out and the sector was completely out of favor.

I went on to study engineering and mathematics but the majority of my time in college was spent investing and communicating with the junior miners.  Many of them went on to become majors in the next 10 year bull cycle.

It was during the Great Financial Crisis in 2008 that I thought of creating a blog and network focused on precious metals and junior mining.  I gave up my secure job to focus on the junior miners full time.

The whole stock market was in the middle of a crash and the gains made since the turn of the millennium were literally wiped out in a couple of weeks.  I saw a great opportunity to once again load up on top junior miners trading at literally pennies on the dollar.  I believed that the Federal Reserve Bank would intervene by devaluing the dollar.  I was right for a little while but then gold and silver peaked out in 2011 while the stock market continued on a record run up until this present day.

This divergence between stocks and commodities has continued now for 8 years wiping out gains made in the miners over the past 20 years.  For the past 8 years I have seen some of the top minds in our mining sector retire, die or move into more stable areas like government work.  The S&P500 has gone straight up while our mining sector has gone the other direction.

Now the TSX Venture is testing all time lows.  We are below the credit crisis 2008 bottom despite gold moving up to $1500 and new record highs in Canada.  Its been painful for those who have tried for so many years.  However, if you are new to this space you may be able to catch the next major upswing like I did 20 years ago.  Learn from my mistakes and when technical targets are hit make sure to sell and diversify.  Selling is much harder than buying for some like myself.

Even though we are probing 10 year lows on the TSX Venture there are some signs that a rally in the juniors could be coming.  Gold has broken out into new highs after basing for many years.  Billionaires like Eric Sprott are starting to buy up juniors.  Prices are so low that any new interest could see the …read more

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