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The Most Important information that I have recently read about border security and which members of Congress seem to be causing the problem


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Remarks By Vice President Pence After Meeting With Congressional Leadership On Border Security

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West Wing

3:42 P.M. EST

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you all for coming out. We’ll make a few brief remarks, and then happy to answer a few questions.

We just ended a very short meeting in the Situation Room. The President invited the Republican and Democrat leadership here to Capitol Hill because we are facing not only a partial government shutdown, but we are also facing a humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.

This past week, the President and I, and these leaders, met on two separate occasions. All those in the room directed staff to spend the entire weekend working over proposals. At the President’s direction, we incorporated Democrat ideas and language in our proposal, and made an offer to resolve this impasse and address the crisis at our southern border.

And today, in this brief meeting, we heard once again that Democratic leaders are unwilling to even negotiate to resolve this partial government shutdown or address the crisis at our southern border. They demanded once again that, before any negotiations could begin, that we would have to agree to reopen the government.

And the President called the question in the meeting. He asked Speaker Pelosi that if he opened things up quickly – if he reopened the government quickly, would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall or a barrier on the southern border. And when she said no, the President said goodbye.

Now, I know there’s millions of Americans – hundreds of thousands of federal workers that are as disappointed as we are that the Democrats are unwilling to engage in good faith negotiations.

Look, the American people know we face a serious humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. And this President, our entire administration, working with these Republican leaders, is going to continue to drive forward to bring about the kind of reforms that will see to the safety and security of the American people.

But what the President made clear today is he is going to stand firm to achieve his priorities to build a wall – a steel barrier on the southern border – add additional personnel, additional resources, additional reforms to stem the crisis that we face on our southern border. And we’re very grateful for these Republican leaders here and others that were gathered with us for their support.

HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER MCCARTHY: I want to clarify a few things as I just listened to Senator Schumer. I know he complained the time that you had cameras in the meeting. I think we need to bring them back. Because what he described the meeting to be was totally different than what took place.

When we entered the room, the President – again, calling all the leaders together …read more

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