Junior Miner Begins 'Aggressive' Exploration on BC Gold Prospect

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Source: Maurice Jackson for Streetwise Reports 07/31/2020

The CEO of NV Gold provides an update on his company’s projects in British Columbia and Nevada in this conversation with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable.

Maurice: Joining us for our conversation is Peter Ball of NV Gold Corp. (NVX:TSX.V; NVGLF:OTC). We’re delighted to have you back on the program as NV Gold continues to have more and more exciting news for shareholders, coming from the newly acquired high-grade Exodus Gold Project located in BC (British Columbia). But before we begin, Mr. Ball, [what] is NV Gold, and what is the opportunity the company presents to the market?

Peter Ball: NV Gold is an exploration company focused on finding the next multimillion-ounce gold deposit [and] that has put together what we believe [are] some of the best and brightest tactical minds, including Dr. Quinton Hennigh, Dr. Odin Christensen, John Watson. Specifically, [we have] a focus on making discovery, and we’ve got a busy year ahead of us.

Maurice: Let’s visit the high-grade Exodus Gold Project, where the company recently embarked on a very, very aggressive exploration program. What type of work is being conducted on-site now? And what have you learned so far about the Exodus Gold Project since the acquisition?

Peter Ball: On July 6 we announced the acquisition and the optioning into the project after we reviewed it after four months. And what we’re learning is the intelligence that we’ve gained from not only the vendors that have been working on the project for three years, but we’ve engaged the vendors as [our] project manager, this gentleman named Max Keogh, a really smart geologist. [We’re] taking his level of intelligence over three years, combined with another very smart individual, Mr. James Maxwell—both professional geologists, qualified persons according to 43-101. They’ve done a lot of work in three years.

But what we’ve done since July 6 is actually. . .completed a property-wide, high-resolution magmatic and radiometric survey. So we’re starting to understand that, taking their intelligence [and] their knowledge of the project, and now starting to look at the early, or what we call freshly collected, data from the geophysics survey, the information from ground truthing that they’ve done and looking at the early stages of this geophysics. There’s a great correlation. We’re seeing the structures that they thought were there are sitting there under the ground.

So we’re learning a lot. We’ve got the geophysics done. We’re starting to get the information over here in the next couple of weeks. And we’re also energized that today was the second day that we’ve been on-site with our exploration team. They’re going to span out, look at the central core, and then they’re going to do the northern and southern boundaries. This is a large property. We’ve expanded the property position by nearly close to 8%¬–9%. We found some other interesting items of the …read more

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