Junior Explorer Begins Field Work on Copper-Gold Prospect in Yukon Territory

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Source: Maurice Jackson of Streetwise Reports 07/02/2020

The president and CEO of Granite Creek Copper outlines prospects for the Stu Copper-Gold project in this conversation with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable.

Maurice Jackson: Welcome to Proven and Probable. Today, we’re going to highlight an early-stage exploration company focused on copper, gold and silver located in the Yukon, in Canada’s prolific Minto Copper District, Granite Creek Copper Ltd. (GCX:TSX.V). Our featured company has seen its share price increase from $0.03 to $0.10 in less than 60 days. They’re fully cashed up and ready to begin their 2020 field season. Joining us for a conversation is Tim Johnson, president and CEO of Granite Creek Copper.

Mr. Johnson, glad to have you back. It’s been a while. And since that time, Granite Creek has achieved a couple of significant milestones, including a successful financing (click here) and the launch of your 2020 field season.

But before we get into that, Mr. Johnson, give us a basic overview of Granite Creek Copper and the Stu Copper-Gold project.

Tim Johnson: The Stu Copper-Gold project was acquired by the company in January of 2019. It was a land package that had been held by a Yukon prospector and he had, over the years since the 1980s, been acquiring claims and assembling this land package in a significant copper belt. GCX is located in central Yukon. The nearest town is the village of Carmacks, and we’re on a paved highway from the capital Whitehorse, with good infrastructure. We have hydro within 20 kilometers of the property, along with good road access into the center of the property. We sit just south of the operating Minto mine and we are north and adjacent to the advanced-stage Carmacks deposit.

Maurice Jackson: In terms of progress to date, you’ve been rather aggressive, I should say, including securing an existing database containing some prior drilling, is that correct?

Tim Johnson: Shortly after acquiring the property, we were made aware of a private database that held information that had never been made public, and we were able to acquire that. And then, subsequently, we also acquired raw data from an airborne survey that was flown in 2008. And again, that survey had only a portion of it made public and no work had been done on that data. When you typically fly a geophysics survey. . .all sorts of post-processing work is done to help focus your efforts on the ground. None of that work had been done so it was quite a treasure trove of information that we were able to get and put together.

Maurice Jackson: Allow me to be the first, Mr. Johnson, to congratulate you and the entire team for successfully completing the financing and the beginning of your 2020 field work. What’s the strategy there, and the plan, and take us through some of the geology that …read more

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