KER Politics - Sat 9 Dec, 2017

Interesting thoughts on Jerusalem brought to my attention this morning by Tim Howe

Right decision, wrong time on Jerusalem

BY JUDY SCHINDLER Contributing columnist, Observer editorial board

MAJDI MOHAMMED AP An Israeli soldier during Palestinian protests Friday.

I love Jerusalem. It has been part of my life for 36 years, from the time I was a high school student there. I would visit my father, a global Jewish leader, at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel when he was in Israel for meetings – often connecting with his close friend and colleague, Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and home to the Knesset (Israel’s parliament). Its Supreme Court, and the residences of the prime minister and president are located in West Jerusalem. Yet still, for 70 years not one country has recognized Jerusalem as the capital. All 86 embassies reside in Tel Aviv.

That changed Wednesday, when President Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and committed to moving the American embassy there. What on the surface might seem like a non-controversial act has set off a whirlwind of violent rhetoric and actions that has already led to loss of life. President Trump’s announcement was the right announcement made at the wrong time and in the wrong way.

President Trump claimed his decision was a “long overdue step to advance peace,” but the chorus of voices from Pope Francis to European leaders immediately saw it differently and predicted the violence. I write this piece on Friday afternoon with tears in my eyes learning of the 90 who have already been wounded – and of the one who has died. And the violence continues with rockets and bullets.

President Trump could have been visionary. His statement of recognition could have been made in the context of moving partners toward peace. He could have stated that as he intended on moving the embassy to West Jerusalem, he envisions East Jerusalem as being the capital of a Palestinian state established as part of a negotiated two-state solution to end conflict. He could have used it as a bargaining chip with Prime Minister Netanyahu, making that recognition contingent on a return to the peace process, while himself committing to exert pressure on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to engage in talks.

The reality is that the U.S. Embassy in Israel will not be moving to Jerusalem anytime soon. In 1995, with bipartisan support, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act declaring that the embassy would be moved to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, though every U.S. president since that time has signed a waiver deferring that action. Immediately after making his declaration, President Trump similarly signed another six-month deferment waiver.

Last Sunday, the former U.S. ambassador to Israel under President Obama, Dan Shapiro, spoke in Charlotte and supported the move of the embassy to West Jerusalem. It is not over the Green Line – in the territories captured by Israel in 1967. It is not on land central to negotiating peace. Yet as Shapiro noted in the media on Thursday, the president’s announcement failed …read more

Weekend Show - Sat 9 Dec, 2017

Uranium and End Of Cycle Thinking

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Well this was a rough week for metals across the board… Precious and base metals were all sold off along with stocks reaching some lows for the year. In this week’s show we step outside the precious metals and look at some other resource sectors that have preformed relatively well. We also have a couple discussions discussing whether we are at the end of an economic cycle. There are opportunities to be had in falling markets but the trick is not getting in too early.

Thank you for listening in to this week’s show! Please keep listening to the company interviews posted throughout the week and keep the emails coming. I love hearing all of your questions and comments!

Segment 1: Chris Martenson from kicks off the show with a discussion on how easy money is continuing to grow bubbles around the world.
Segment 2: Dan Oliver, Founder of Myrmikan Capital, shares some data he views as a sign we are at the end of a cycle.
Segment 3: This is the radio version of the interview I had with Joe Mazumdar. To listen to the full commodities recap click here.
Segment 4: Uranium is the focus with Chris Temple as we recap the supply side news and look ahead to the drivers for the uranium market.
Segment 5 & 6: William E. Simon Fellow at the Manhattan Institute Kay S. Hymowitz discusses The Anonymity of Social Media Nourishes Anger.
Segment 7: Ryan Ko discusses Bitcoin; other crypto currencies; and the potential of governmental regulation.
Segment 8: Dr. Harlan Ullman opines on perhaps the most important political event of the year that occurred this week.

Exclusive Company Introductions, Updates, and Stock Commentary

Revival Gold – Assay Results Expected Shortly At The Past Producing Beartrack Mine

Cartier Resources Update – A Financing With Sprott Capital Partners and Exploration Update
Metalla Royalty and Streaming Update – Recapping the Major Deals Completed And The Goals For 2018

Osisko Metals Update – After The Stock Selloff This Is A Great Opportunity

Segment 1

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Segment 2

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Segment 3

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Segment 4

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Segment 5

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Segment 6

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Segment 7

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Segment 8

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Weekend Special - Sat 9 Dec, 2017

Joe Mazumdar Extended Version – Precious Metals, Base Metals, Battery Metals, and Uranium

This is the extended interview with Joe Mazumdar. Joe and I look at a wide range of metals including, base metals, battery metals, uranium, and the precious metals. We also touch on a couple stocks that Joe likes in each and he and Brent are looking for in terms of quality stocks.

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Richard Postma - The Doctor Is In - Fri 8 Dec, 2017

Gold – The Fed Rate Hike and Correlation With The USD

Doc joins me today to focus on gold in terms of the upcoming rate hike and its recent inverse correlation with the US dollar. Many gold bulls are pointing to next week when the Fed raises rates as a time when gold will bottom. This has happened the last 2 years but as doc notes the bounces have gotten weaker. As the the US dollar, when it bottomed in September gold topped at the exact same time. Since then it has been gold lower and dollar higher.

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Big Al talks with experts. - Fri 8 Dec, 2017

Dr. Harlan Ullman opines on one of the most important political events that occurred this year. And, it just happened this week.

The President announces that America will construct it’s embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. Was this a prudent decision? No says Dr. Harlan Ullman, senior fellow at The Naval War College.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor - Fri 8 Dec, 2017

A Focus On Copper and Oil

Today in my chat with Chris Temple we look to a couple other commodities outside the precious metals, copper and oil. Both can be used as a barometer for economic growth and tell us a lot about economies around the world. Chris brings up the factors he thinks drove both copper and oil and what will be at play for net year.

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Dana Lyons Commentary - Fri 8 Dec, 2017

International Markets Are Looking Attractive

Dana Lyons kicks off today with comments on why he thinks international markets are a good investment for a long term play. He notes that the markets are just beginning a new up cycle after bottoming last year. Considering most markets are up around the world he is seeing an opportunity where not a lot are looking.

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The Lyons Share
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Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report - Thu 7 Dec, 2017

What’s The Deal With The Pullback In Base Metals?

Craig Hemke joins me today to discuss what helped drive the base metals this year and why they are pulling back this week. There are a number of factors to consider which include the downtrend in the USD, massive creation of money around the world, and stocks lagging to name a few.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor - Thu 7 Dec, 2017

The Opportunities In The PM Selloff

In a preview to Chris’s upcoming newsletter to subscribers we focus on the precious metals and the opportunities this selloff presents. We ask the what it will take to get more eyes and attention on the sector. One thing to consider is that some companies have been coming out with some very good news and the stock prices have done nothing. Chris mentions a couple for you to look into.

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A Very Special Update! - Thu 7 Dec, 2017

Corvus Gold closes Financing


December 7, 2017

Website version

PDF version

Vancouver, B.C… Corvus Gold Inc. (“Corvus” or the “Company”) – (TSX: KOR, OTCQX: CORVF) announces it has completed a CAD $5,253,500 private placement (the “Private Placement”). Pursuant to the Private Placement, the Company issued 2,829,130 common shares at a price of CAD $1.15 each to institutional shareholders and 1,574,803 common shares at a price of CAD $1.27 each to a key strategic shareholder. No warrants were issued. The Company expects that the proceeds of the financing will fully fund the Company’s planned 2018 exploration program at its new Mother Lode project.

Jeff Pontius, President and CEO of Corvus, said, “We are pleased to have secured this important financing which will provide funding to advance and develop our new high-grade Mother Lode project through 2018.  The Company intends to expand its planned 2018 drill program to 20,000 metres, to focus on expanding the new high-grade zone at the north end of the currently defined deposit.  The mix of long-term and strategic shareholders in this financing is a welcome endorsement of Corvus Gold and its Nevada projects. Our shareholders can look forward to continued news flow on our development progress of the high-grade Mother Lode project.”

The common shares issued in the Private Placement are subject to a minimum 6-month hold period unless otherwise registered under applicable securities laws.  The Toronto Stock Exchange has granted conditional approval to the issuance of the Corvus common shares under the Private Placement.

In addition, a financial advisory fee of CAD $62,675 was paid to Industrial Alliance Securities for assistance and advice on the financing.

The foregoing securities have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended or any applicable state securities laws and may not be offered or sold absent registration or an applicable exemption from such registration requirements. This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of the foregoing securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful.

About the North Bullfrog & Mother Lode Projects, Nevada

Corvus controls 100% of its North Bullfrog Project, which covers approximately 72 km² in southern Nevada.  The property package is made up of a number of private mineral leases of patented federal mining claims and 865 federal unpatented mining claims.  The project has excellent infrastructure, being adjacent to a major highway and power corridor as well as a large water right. The company also controls 65 federal unpatented mining claims on the Mother Lode project which totals 522 hectares and which it owns 100% of.

About Corvus Gold Inc.

Corvus Gold Inc. is a North American gold exploration and development company, focused on its near-term gold-silver mining project at the North Bullfrog and Mother Lode Districts in Nevada.  In addition, the Company controls a number of royalties on other North American exploration properties representing a spectrum of gold, silver and copper projects.  …read more

Valuable Insights from Around the Web - Thu 7 Dec, 2017

gold precious metals price support important_november

A 6-Pack Of Metals Charts

Chris Kimble first shared the charts below about a month ago stating that gold and precious metals in general were at an importation juncture. Follow through to today and these charts are all breaking down. Check out the charts below to see the worries Chris has.

As a quick comment when we see so many people and chart turning negative on the metals at this time of the year there are still plenty of opportunities for investors. There are stocks cashed up and releasing some great numbers but the market does not care.

Click here to visit Chris’s website for more technical commentaries on a wide range of markets.

… Here’s the postings from Chris…

Gold and Precious Metals Sector At Important Juncture!

Investors are right to be a little concerned when looking across the metals sector of late.

Gold (NYSEARCA:GLD), Gold Miners (NYSEARCA:GDX), and Steel… there all in a short-term decline and approaching critical price support levels. Most of these are trend lines so bulls want them to hold.

In the the chart below, you can see 6 different angles on Gold, the Gold Miners, and steel.  And in each of these snapshots, you can see that price action is nearing important trend line support levels.

The short-term and long term are converging here, so perhaps the next move will have a meaningful impact on your portfolios.

Stay tuned!

…And the follow up comments…

Gold/Precious metals could be in trouble here

Back in early November, I shared a 6-pack of charts showing that Gold (NYSEARCA:GLD) and the broader metals sector were all testing key price support levels.

Well, those price levels appear to be giving way to the downside. And this could be warning of lower prices to come. In the updated 6-pack of charts below, you can see blue trend lines for various charts of Gold, the Gold Miners (NYSEARCA:GDX), and Steel (NYSEARCA:SLX). In each of the charts you can also see where price is declining through the trend line (red shaded areas). The most watched and notable is the Gold decline.

Each of these breakdowns are still in the early stages and will need to see a follow through day to the downside (with strong volume) as confirmation.

Put these on your radar. Caution advised here.

…read more