Weekend Special - Sat 21 Oct, 2017

A Technical Analyst To Follow – Long Term Gold Charts

I am happy to introduce a new analysis who I have been following for a number of years, David Vincent. David is focused on longer term technicals for the metals sector. This is a very technical conversation but even for those who do not put a lot of weight in charts David has some things to consider.

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Gold:HUI Chart

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Weekend Show - Sat 21 Oct, 2017

Remembering Black Monday and Metals Commentary

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This week we “celebrated” the 30th anniversary of Black Monday with thankfully no repeat in the markets. In this weekend’s show we look back 30 years and see what has changed. We also have some expanded segments (ones that could not fit alone in the radio segments) on the metals. The consensus currently is that the precious metals complex could continue to be under pressure until year end but look to 2018 for the next chance of a significant move up.

Thanks again for tuning in this weekend! I love hearing from everyone and please email with any questions or comment on companies that you are interested in – Fleck@kereport.com.

Next week I will be a the New Orleans conference. If there are any companies you would like me to meet with please let me know! Click here to visit the conference website and its exhibitors.

Segment 1: Chris Temple joins me to remember Black Monday from 30 years ago. What’s changed, what is still the same, and did we learn anything?
Segment 2: Avi Gilburt from ElliotWaveTrader.net shares his thoughts on the charts of the US markets, gold, and USD.
Segment 3: Extended Segment – Joe Mazumdar over at Exploration Insights updates us on the type of questions we should be asking exploration companies to help us avoid some fatal flaws that bring stocks down.
Segment 4: Extended Segment – John Kaiser recaps the Novo news this week and shares some thoughts on the how investors can play the changing focus to new exploration stories.
Segment 5 & 6: We open KER Politics with a discussion with Lt Col Ret Jim McKinney of the events of 911 and their impact on current governmental actions.
Segment 7 & 8: We discuss 9/11 and other political topics with Dr Ron Paul.

Exclusive Company and sponsor Updates

Rye Patch Gold explains yesterday’s press release outlining the announced exploration program.

Introduction to Silver Viper Minerals – Exploration Focused in Mexico

Questions answered on the Secova Metals drill results

Novo Resources – Comments on Recent News and Other Companies In The Area

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Exclusive KE Report Commentary - Fri 20 Oct, 2017

Jayant Bhandari – Exploration in Japan and Chinese Growth Data

Metals equity analyst Jayant Bhandari joins me today to discuss his recent trip to Japan. We discuss the mining environment in Japan and an exploration company he was visiting. We also look at the better economic numbers out of China. These combined with the continued growth Jayant is expecting should lead to a sustainable run in the metals sector.

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Company Updates From Management - Fri 20 Oct, 2017

Novo Resources – Comments on Recent News and Other Companies In The Area

Novo Resources released new on Tuesday updating the drilling at the Purdy’s Reward Project. I had Quinton Hennigh come on the show to answer some of the questions that were emailed to me as well as a topic a newsletter writer wanted me to push them on. Thanks to Novo there is now a lot of interest in the area and the companies holding the land. Quinton comments on this as well.

Click here to visit the Novo website to read the full release from Tuesday.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor - Fri 20 Oct, 2017

Revisiting China – Better Data Recently But What Does It All Mean?

Chris Temple and I step away from the US and Europe today to focus on China. With better recent growth data we assess the numbers and look at the credit growth as well. We also discuss the differences with China’s central bank compared to the Fed. China is a key country for the global economy but face value economic data needs to be dug into.

Click here to visit Chris’s website.

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Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report - Thu 19 Oct, 2017

Let’s Take A Look At Copper To The USD

We have been looking at the relationship between gold and the USD but in this segment we shift focus and compare the movements in copper to the USD. Craig Hemke and I look at the charts below back 3 years when copper broke down and the USD made a major bull move. If we are seeing the inverse of this with copper moving up then the thoughts of any sustained bounce in the dollar should be reconsidered.

Click here to visit Craig’s site for more metals focused commentary.

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Short Term USD – Head and Shoulders

Long Term Copper

Long Term USD

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David Erfle - Gold Market Commentary - Thu 19 Oct, 2017

A Position in DUST And Levels to Watch For PM Stocks

David Erfle, Editor of the Junior Miner Junky joins me today to share the reasons why he is taking a short term position in DUST. We discuss the movements in the USD and US markets plus the upcoming Fed meeting in December. While the DUST position carries a negative outlook for the sector there are regions that we are look for in certain metals charts that could be great buying opportunities. We also take a look a the Auryn chart as the sell off today is taking the stock to some interesting levels.

Click here to visit David’s site and please consider signing up for his newsletter.

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Company News - Thu 19 Oct, 2017

Auryn expands mineralized system at the Inuk prospect by 400 meters and provides portfolio update

Here are the latest round of drill results from Auryn Resources. The stock is getting hit today and dropping to levels where I am planning on picking up some shares shortly. The Company has been hitting mineralization throughout the large drill program this year but still has yet to hit that massive hole that investors are clearly waiting for. There are a lot of drill results to come still this year out of Committee Bay (31% of drilling in the assay labs), Homestake (14,811 meters in 37 drill holes), drilling upcoming in Peru, and follow up work at Committee Bay in March of next year.

Click here to visit the Auryn Resources website.

Also if you have any questions for the team at Auryn please comment or email me and I will get those answered.

Vancouver, British Columbia – October 19th, 2017 – Auryn Resources Inc. (TSX: AUG, NYSE American: AUG, “Auryn” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce new mineralization discovered at the Inuk prospect at its Committee Bay Gold Project located in Nunavut, Canada. Auryn intercepted 25 meters of 1.15g/t Au (including 3.05 meters of 4.13g/t Au) 400 meters away from the historic intercept of 12.6 meters of 16.04 g/t Au in hole INR003 within sulphidized banded iron formation. This hole extends the mineralized system considerably and demonstrates significant widths of mineralization under barren intrusive rocks that were not previously tested (Figure 1). This is the third area drilled at Committee Bay during 2017 to yield positive results and warrant further exploration.

News release Highlights:

Intercepted 25 meters of 1.15g/t Au (including 3.05 meters of 4.13g/t Au) 400 meters along strike from the historic intercept of 12.6 meters of 16.04 g/t Au at the Inuk prospect.
31% of holes stillto be reported from the Committee Bay drilling, including results from Kinng Gold, Kinng Mountain, Mist, Koffy targets in the northeast portion of the belt.
Results are pending from 37 holes (14,811 meters) drilled at the Company’s Homestake Ridge Project in the Golden Triangle, British Columbia. Targets tested included South Reef and the Homestake Main zone extension.
Committee Bay follow-up drilling to resume in March at the Aiviq discovery and the Three Bluffs deposit.

Michael Henrichsen, Chief Geologist and COO commented, “We are very pleased to have hit the broad intervals of consistent mineralization at our Inuk target. We have extended the mineralized system by 400 meters to the northeast under an intrusive cover rock sequence and glacial till. Our understanding of the geology of the Inuk prospect is at an early stage but we are highly encouraged at the strength of sulphidation and gold mineralization within banded iron formations over 10’s of meters.”

Inuk Results

The mineralization encountered from the recent drilling at Inuk is believed to be associated with the interaction of a regional fold and a fault zone that truncates it (Figure 1). Historical core drilling at Inuk was confined to an area 150 meters by 100 meters with intercepts up to 12.6 meters of 16.04 g/t Au. Similarly, …read more

Company Updates From Management - Thu 19 Oct, 2017

Questions answered on the Secova Metals drill results

On the heals of the first drill results from Secova Metals on the Duvay/Chenier Property, I have the Chairman and CEO Brad Kitchen on to answer some of the questions from guests and listeners. Since such a small amount of assays were released we also find look ahead to the remaining drill holes and plans for the Phase 2 drill program. The Company also holds the Eagle River Project which we touch on at the end of the call.

Click here to visit the Secova Metals website for more information on the two properties.

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Rick Ackerman and Technicals - Wed 18 Oct, 2017

Internal Rotation For Equities and A VXX Play

With Amazon and Apple down today and the market up this is a good example of internal rotation in the markets. Rick Ackerman provides his thoughts on why this rotation continues. We also relate the ultra low volatility and Rick shares a trade in the VXX that he is watching.

Click here to visit Rick’s site for more technical commentary.

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