Mainland China sees rise in new coronavirus cases

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Big Al says: “so much for some of the Weekend Comments accusing China of utilizing a chemical weapon” I will say that the death toll of approximately 4% in China is starting to reach levels of concern. Any comments?

* 30 new cases reported on Saturday vs 19 day earlier

* 5 new local transmissions reported, all in Guangdong

* China remains worried about second wave of infections (Adds details on new cases in mainland China, background, bylines)

By Yilei Sun and Se Young Lee

BEIJING, April 5 (Reuters) – Mainland China reported 30 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, up from 19 a day earlier as the number of cases involving travellers from abroad as well as local transmissions increased, highlighting the difficulty in stamping out the outbreak.

The National Health Commission said in a statement on Sunday that 25 of the latest cases involved people who had entered from abroad, compared with 18 such cases a day earlier. Five new locally transmitted infections were also reported on Saturday, all in the southern coastal province of Guangdong, up from a day earlier.

The mainland has now reported a total of 81,669 cases, while the death toll has risen by three to 3,329.

Though daily infections have fallen dramatically from the height of the epidemic in February, when hundreds of new cases were reported daily, Beijing remains unable to completely halt new infections despite imposing some of the most drastic measures to curb the virus’ spread.

The so-called imported cases and asymptomatic patients, who have the virus and can give it to others but show no symptoms, have become among China’s chief concerns in recent weeks. The country has closed off its borders to almost all foreigners as the virus spread globally, though most of the imported cases involve Chinese nationals returning from overseas.

The central government also has pushed local authorities to identify and isolate the asymptomatic patients.

The health commission said 47 new asymptomatic cases were reported in the mainland on Saturday, compared with 64 a day earlier.

(Reporting by Yilei Sun and Se Young Lee; Editing by Richard Chang)

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Weekend Show Politics - Sat 4 Apr, 2020

Hour 2 – Politics and Gun Ownership
Full Second Hour

Segment 1 – Mark Walters host of nationally syndicated radio program Armed American Radio discusses firearms in America.Segment 2 – Mark Walters continues his discussion of the responsibility associated with gun ownership.Segment 3 & 4 – Stephen Williford from the defensive side of the mass shooting at Southern Springs Baptist Church describes the event.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4 …read more

Weekend Show - Sat 4 Apr, 2020

Hour 1 – Filtering through misinformation for metals investors
Full First Hour

It was a bit calmer this week for the markets. However COVID-19 continues to spread and the hope of us being able to get back to the way life was at the beginning of the year has been pushed back even further. Economic data is shattering records to the downside with no end is sight.

On the first hour we try to make sense of the world we are living in from an economic and financial standpoint.

Please keep in touch by emailing me at I hope you all have a good weekend and manage to do something to distract yourself from all this negative news.

Segment 1 – Trader Vic kicks off the first hour by sharing his outlook on the virus that has shutdown most of the world and the fallout that will come from everyone staying at home. Segment 2 – Jeff Christian joins me to an extended discussion on the internal workings of the metals markets. We focus on three main points that need to be understood by investors as to what will drive price int he near and long term. Segment 3 – Joe Mazumdar shares the types of companies he is investing in currently and if he sees the M&A picking up anytime soon. Segment 4 – We get an update from GR Silver Mining (TSX.V:GPLY & OTCQB:GLYXF) regarding the deal with First Majestic to acquire the Plomosas Silver Project. Marcio Fonseca, President and CEO takes us through he deal and the work the Company is planning moving forward.

Exclusive Company updates and interviews this week

Novo Resources – Full Corporate update and answers to your questions Silver Viper Minerals – General Work Update and More High Grade Drill Results Expanding The El Rubi Zone Skeena Resources – Updates on the recent financing, drill program status, and the Barrick back in option

Trade Vic Sperandeo

Jeff Christian

Joe Mazumdar

Marcio Fonseca – GR Silver Mining …read more

Kaiser Permanente on dealing with stress in these times:

Big Al is far from being a doctor, but Kathy and I practice each of these suggestions and they work for both of us.


Managing stress and anxiety during the pandemic

The outbreak of the coronavirus and COVID-19, combined with the need for most of us to shelter at home, may be stressful for you and your family.

Dr. Dan Mordecai, a Kaiser Permanente national expert on mental health and wellness, offers these tips for managing stress and anxiety in challenging times

Keep up social connections

Maintaining social connections is one of the most important things you can do to support your own mental health as well as others. Make a point of reaching out to those you love to keep your relationships strong even as we keep our physical distance. This is especially important for those with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Ask them how they are doing—offer to lend an ear and let them know you care.

Offer to help others

Simple gestures can mean a lot, like offering to shop for a neighbor or friend who may be more vulnerable, or letting people know you are available to help. Not only will they feel less isolated and alone, you will likely feel better as well.

Take a media break

If you find yourself spending significant time reading or watching media coverage and notice it’s making you anxious, consider limiting yourself to checking the news at just one or two times per day, and for a limited amount of time. Use trusted sources to stay up to date, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, then take a break. The CDC also has good resources on stress and coping.

Practice good self-care

Get plenty of nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. We know that sleep has a direct impact on the immune system, so set a regular time each night to wind down and get some solid rest.

Modify your exercise routine

If you are exercising at home now instead of the gym, have fun with modifying your routine. There are many resources available on the internet for working out without special equipment. Exercise is good for your mental health. Here are some ideas for how to get moving without leaving home.

Take a few deep breaths

Taking time to pause for just three full, deep breaths can re-set the body’s “flight or fight” response. Try doing this several times throughout the day and see the difference it makes. This guided image exercise, which is easy to learn, is another way to help reduce stress.

Share your feelings

It’s normal, especially in times like these, to feel anxious and stressed. Know that you are not alone and that it’s ok to share your feelings with a trusted friend, family member, colleague, clergy, or your physician or mental health provider. Your kids may be feeling anxious too. Dr. David Bronstein, a Kaiser …read more

Exclusive Comments from Marc Chandler - Fri 3 Apr, 2020

What currencies and governments could look like when COVID-19 is behind us

Marc Chandler joins me for a broad discussion on the currency markets and the massive amounts of debt being added to the system. With all the doom and gloom narratives at full force right now the fact is no one knows what how this will all play out.

Click here to visit Marc’s blog. It’s well worth your time on a daily basis.

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Peter Hanks - Broad Market Commentary - Fri 3 Apr, 2020

A bit of calm in the markets this week but watch the USD and upcoming earnings season for new opportunities

Peter Hanks joins me to discuss the US equity markets, rising USD back over 10 on the USD index, and the oil market continued weakness.

The US markets have been relatively quiet this week compared to the prior weeks. However watching some specific sectors like the currency markets are showing that fear remains and when it comes to a crashing oil market we re not out of the woods. Finally we will have earnings season kicking off in under 2 weeks. This will an earnings seasons for the record book – not in a good way.

Click here to visit the DailyFX website and follow along with Peter’s daily commentary.

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Company Updates From Management - Fri 3 Apr, 2020

Skeena Resources – Updates on the recent financing, drill program status, and the Barrick back in option

Walter Coles, President and CEO of Skeena Resources (TSX-V:SKE & OTCQX:SKREF) joins me for a full update.

We start with the progress of the current C$30million financing followed by the status of this year’s drill program. Walter also provides some insights on option to purchase 100% of Eskay from Barrick and Barrick’s back in option.

Click here to visit the Skeena website and read over the recent news.

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Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report - Thu 2 Apr, 2020

Even with yields falling real interest rates might still be positive

One of the major drivers for the precious metals is negative real interest rates. With yields falling across the board (and continuing to trend lower) you would think this would lead to negative real rates. Unfortunately the argument of deflation is the other side of the equation and with oil, base metals, and many other things crashing – we are in an environment where real rates are still positive.

Craig Hemke joins me to outline his thoughts on the status of real rates and how it is impacting the price of precious metals.

Click here to visit Craig’s site – TF Metals Report

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Erik Wettering - The Hedgeless Horseman - Thu 2 Apr, 2020

Mines are starting to shutdown… What it means for the metals price vs metals stocks

News is starting to pick up regarding mines shutting down around the world. There was the hope that mining activities would continue, and some will, but some of the recent news is showing us that mining is not immune from COVID-19.

Erik Wetterling joins me to share his thoughts on how the mine shutdown will impact the metals prices and general interest in the shares.

Click here to visit Erik’s site – The Hedgeless Horseman.

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