Company Updates From Management - Tue 20 Feb, 2018

Miramont Resources – Ready To Drill and Waiting On Permits

I received a couple emails recently asking for an update from Miramont Resources (CSE:MONT) since we have not seen any news recently. Bill Pincus, President and CEO joins me to update us on the completed surface work and status of the drill permits. With a better understanding of the project thanks to the geophysics the Company is ready to drill the Cerro Hermoso project. We also get an update on the work done at the Lukkacha Project.

Download audio file (2018_02_20-Bill-Pincus-Miramont.mp3)

If you have any follow up questions for Bill and his team please email me directly at

Click here to visit the Miramont Resources website for more information.

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Exclusive Comments from Marc Chandler - Tue 20 Feb, 2018

3 Key Numbers/Market To Watch

There are always a distractions for investors when looking at the wide range of markets. Marc Chandler, Global Head Of Currency Strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman helps us look past the noise and focus on 3 key levels in different markets that can tell the bigger picture story. We look at the Euro, 10 year yield, the S&P. The key numbers are 126, 3%, and 2745 respectively.

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Click here to visit Marc’s website for some more great economic commentary.

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Exclusive KE Report Commentary - Tue 20 Feb, 2018

Brien Lundin – The USD Continues To Drive The Gold Price

Brien Lundin, Editor of the Gold Newsletter joins met today to share his thoughts on the gold market which continues to move based on what the US dollar is doing. We also discuss Skeena Resources and why Brien recently wrote this Company up in his newsletter.

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Click here to visit Brien’s Gold Newsletter website.

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KER Commentary - Mon 19 Feb, 2018

Happy Presidents Day and Family Day

With the markets closed today we are giving our awesome guests a day off ;)We hope you all enjoy this long week across Canada (expect for BC) and in the US.

I also wanted to thank everyone again who sent in questions for Quinton and further followed up with after the interview. I love hearing from everyone and do my best to respond to you all!

We will be back at it tomorrow!

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Weekend Special - Sat 17 Feb, 2018

Novo Resources – Answering All Your Questions on Exploration Moving Forward

Due to the huge amount of interest we received when I posted the Novo Resources (TSX.V:NVO & OTCQB:NSRPF) news earlier this week I had an extended conversation with Quinton Hennigh to answer all of your questions. We recap the news from Wednesday and dive further into the exploration plans and significance of recent drilling at the Comet Well Property.

We cover a lot of material so this is a longer interview (almost 25 minutes). Please email me with any additional questions you have for Quinton.

Download audio file (2018_02_16-Segment-7-and-8-Novo-Quinton-Final.mp3)

Click here to visit the Novo website and read over the recent news release.

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Weekend Show - Sat 17 Feb, 2018

Market Volatility, PMs Recent Bounce, And A Special Novo Update

Download audio file (0217-Full-Weekend-Show.mp3)

Volatility continues in the US markets with the S&P up over 4% this week. It was not a smooth ride however. The base metals have rebounded nicely and precious metals, after a potentially scary breakdown last Friday, rebounded nicely this week back to the higher part of their range. We discuss all those topics this week plus a special look at the downfalls in resource estimates and an extra long segment with Novo’s Quinton Hennigh answering all of our questions.

I want to thank everyone for listening in to this week’s weekend show and to all of you who are tuning in during the week! The Novo update turned into a much larger special segment thanks to all the questions that were emailed to me at the end of the week. Please keep in touch by emailing me all your company questions to

On a side note for the next 2 weeks we the investing/marketing show will be taking over the majority of the weekend show. We hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Segment 1: Chris Vermuelen kicks of the show with comments on the recent volatility in the US markets and his thoughts on how far the PM stocks can run.
Segment 2: As the equity markets bounce back from the 2 week selloff Dana Lyons shares his thoughts on if that was the ultimate top.
Segment 3: Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer at the Bleakly Advisory Group says volatility will continue this year.
Segment 4: Joe Mazumdar from Exploration Insights explains the benefits and downfalls of resource estimates.
Segment 5: KER Politics replay from Monday – Jim McKinney and Big Al on Trump.
Segment 6: Doc addresses the big volume days for GDX last Friday and Wednesday. We reiterate the timeline for the GDX breakout.
Segment 7 & 8: Novo Resources Chairman and President Quinton Hennigh answers a number of questions from all of you on the exploration moving forward and overall Company strategy.

Click here for the full interview and dedicated post. Please post your Novo comments on the dedicated page.

Exclusive Company Updates and Interviews

Revival Gold Update – Recapping Recent Drill Results And A Look Ahead To The 2018 Program

CVR Medical Update – Expansion To Asia and Manufacturing Agreement With Canon

Allegiant Introduction – Now Trading and Drilling Up To 10 Targets This Year

Segment 1

Download audio file (0217-1-1.mp3)

Segment 2

Download audio file (0217-1-2.mp3)

Segment 3

Download audio file (0217-1-3.mp3)

Segment 4

Download audio file (0217-1-4.mp3)

Segment 5

Download audio file (0217-2-1.mp3)

Segment 6

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Segment 7 & 8 – Click here to listen to the full interview.

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General Market Commentary - Fri 16 Feb, 2018

Worst Week for the Dollar since 2015-2016, While Stocks Continue to Recover

I always read over Marc Chandler’s site when I get to my computer. The post below is a great example of the content he breaks down. I find it gives me a great overview of what is happening in a wide range of markets. This post more of an overview of currency and market moves for the week.

Click here to visit Marc’s website for more great content.

Nearly all the major currencies have risen at least two percent against the US dollar this week.  The Canadian dollar is an exception.  It has risen one percent this week ahead of today’s local session.  Sterling is becoming another exception after disappointing retail sales.  It is up just shy of two percent.  The Dollar Index is off 2.3% on the week, which would be the biggest weekly loss since 2015.  The dollar has firmed a bit on the European morning, but look for North American operators to see the upticks as a selling opportunity.

The greenback slumped to nearly JPY105.50 in Tokyo, which appears to have led this week’s decline.  It is the biggest weekly loss since July 2016.  Japanese officials are becoming more concerned.  Reports suggest a high level meeting today between the BOJ, MOF and FSA on the yen’s strength.  Although Finance Minister had said earlier this week that the yen’s movement did not require intervention, the MOF’s point man on FX, Asakawa, expressed greater concern for “one-sided” move that was “not in line with fundamentals.”

This still seems to be low level concerns.  Reiterating the G7/G20 boilerplate line about “excessive volatility” needs to be avoided, and hints that there are talks among G7 officials about the recent foreign exchange market developments, would be additional rungs on the escalation ladder.  Still, we suspect that the Japan’s cabinet submission to the Diet of Kuroda’s nomination for a second term (leaked in the media for the past several days) and the appointment of two deputies (Amamiya, a key Kuroda ally within the BOJ, and a dovish academic Wakatabe), is not really much of a yen protest.  It underscores the continuity of monetary policy.    Still nearly half of a Bloomberg survey expect the BOJ to tightened policy late this year.

The euro reached near three-year highs today near $1.2555.  It is the sixth consecutive advancing sessions.  The euro has appreciated 2.2% this week.  The dollar was sold through CHF0.92 to see its lowest level since June 2015.  Sterling has been dragged off its high near $1.4145 by the soft retail sales report.  It has advanced every day this week and is straddling the unchanged level today.  Headline retail sales rose 0.1%.  The median forecast was for a 05% gain after a revised 1.4% decline (initially -1.5%).  The 1.6% year-over-year pace makes it the weakest January since 2013.  But sterling has not been trading higher because the economy is booming.  Recall that the January PMIs were all weaker than expected.  Sterling may find support ahead of $1.4050.

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Valuable Insights from Around the Web - Fri 16 Feb, 2018

gold price pattern bullish cup handle chart_february 16

Opportunity Knocks… Will Gold Bulls Answer?

I apologize as posting will be a bit light today on the site. I am busy putting together the weekend show which will be mainly market/investing focused this week and next. Plus the response I am getting with questions for Quinton is quite extraordinary. The full interview will be included on our weekend show.

In the meantime here is a straightforward gold chart from our friend Chris Kimble at Kimble Charting Solutions.

…This post was intitally posted at SeeItMarkets. Click here to visit the site.

Gold investors have enjoyed a strong start to 2018.

After a brief pullback into early February, the shiny metal has charged higher once more.

The question now: Is a major breakout on the way for gold and precious metals bulls?

Looking at the chart below, you can see that a strong base has been built in both Gold prices and the XAU Index (Gold and Silver Miners). These bases look very similar and have take a few years to build… so IF both breakout at the same time, it would be rather bullish for precious metals.

This is a big spot for metal heads!

At the same time, Gold bulls need Silver to play along. Silver offers a higher beta and is typically seen as “risk on” when outperforming.

Currently, the Silver/Gold ratio is testing a confluence of price support:  its 27-year rising channel and 2003 & 2008 price lows.  Bulls need to see this support hold, followed by a strong move to the upside.  Stay tuned!

Note that KimbleCharting is offering a 30 day Free trial to See It Market readers.  Just send me an email to for details to get set up.

Twitter:  @KimbleCharting

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Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report - Thu 15 Feb, 2018

The Dilemma Of Higher Debt and Higher Rates

With the updated Trump budget forecasts there is no doubt we will be seeing higher and higher levels of debt in the US. Combine this with increasing interest rates and the question is how long can it go on for. In all fairness we have been asking this debt question for years… Craig Hemke, Founder of shares his thoughts on why this is a concerning mix of factors.

Download audio file (2018_02_15-Craig-Hemke.mp3)

Click here to visit Craig’s site for more metals focused commentary.

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Jordan Roy-Byrne - Techncial Commentary - Thu 15 Feb, 2018

Gold Needs To Show Strength In Real Terms

With gold and gold stocks rebounding this week Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of shares some nuances that he is watching. He points to the HUI gold bugs index that last week closed at a 14 month low. Combining this with gold up against the dollar but not against US stocks or foreign currencies he really wants to see some more real strength in the metal.

Download audio file (2018_02_15-Jordan-Roy-Byrne.mp3)

Click here to visit Jordan’s site for more valuable metals commentary.

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