Company Updates From Management - Fri 6 Dec, 2019

Novo Resources – Fine Grain Gold Results, Sorting Updates, and Kirkland Lake Comments

Quinton Hennigh, President and Chairman of Novo Resources (TSX-V: NVO & OTCQX: NSRPF) joins me to recap the recent fine grain gold results out of the Egina Property. This ties into the mechanical sorting developments we discussed last interview. There were also a couple questions on the relationship with Kirkland Lake that Quinton addresses near the end of the call.

If you have any follow up questions for Quinton please email me at

Click here to read over the recent news release on the fine grain gold results. This is a lot of detail in the release and worth your time to read through it after our conversation.

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Erik Wetterling - The Hedgeless Horseman - Thu 5 Dec, 2019

Thoughts on the recent news out of Novo

Erik Wetterling joins me today to share his thoughts on the recent news out of Novo Resources regarding the finer grain gold results. We discuss the ore sorting progress and how this could be a game changer for the overall project economics. Erik and I are both shareholders of Novo but we are just sharing our thoughts on the recent developments that have been driving the stock higher.

Click here to visit Erik’s site – The Hedgeless Horseman.

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Company Updates From Management - Thu 5 Dec, 2019

IsoEnergy – One of the only Uranium juniors with a bought deal financing and a growing discovery

IsoEnergy (TSX.V:ISO & OTCQX:ISENF) had a busy year drilling at the Hurricane zone at the Larocque East Property. Recently the Company closed a bought deal private placement and is about to close a hard dollar component that will bring in around $6.5 million to continue exploring through next year.

Craig Parry, President and CEO of IsoEnergy joins me to update us on the private placement and exploration planned for next year. We recap the developments this year where the Company started with one hole into the Hurricane Zone and now has 26 holes that include many high grade intercepts and a new high grade target to the East.

Click here to visit the IsoEnergy website for a recap of the recent news.

Also click here to read over the Company presentation and note the work that is drawing the upcoming drill program to focus on the new Eastern target.

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Lobo Tiggre - The Independent Speculator - Wed 4 Dec, 2019

Thoughts on the PM reaction to falling markets and a look into Mexico for metals investors

Lobo Tiggre, Editor of The Independent Speculator joins me to share his thoughts on how gold has been playing its roll as a safe haven, or risk off investment. When the markets have sold off gold has benefited and throughout this year when the Fed was cutting rates gold was also moving up. So for the investor that thinks things are not all good in the US or around the world gold should still have a place in a portfolio.

We wrap up the cal by revisiting a recent article Lobo wrote focused on the investment narrative for Mexico. We look at the recent gang violence and assess what areas of Mexico can still be considered safe.

Click here to visit Lobo’s site – The Independent Speculator – and read his article focused on Mexico.

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Rick Ackerman’s Technical Forecasts - Wed 4 Dec, 2019

Balancing trades in gold vs the S&P

Rick Ackerman is kicking off today by updating us on some of the trades he has been doing in both gold and the S&P. These two markets are very inversely correlated right now and after last week when Rick was playing the short side of the S&P, the drop early this week now has Rick watching some higher levels that if reached will impact gold as well.

Click here to visit Rick’s site and keep up to date on his technical outlook.

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Sean Brodrick - Tue 3 Dec, 2019

Just how much power does the Fed have to limit a major market drop?

Sean Brodrick joins me to chat about the stability of the US markets after the recent 2+ month run. Off to a bad start in December it won’t take long for investors to focus on the Fed and ask about the next round of easing. The question is, does the Fed have enough tools to save the markets from any significant decline.

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Ed Moya - Senior Market Analysts at OANDA - Tue 3 Dec, 2019

With Volatility Picking Up It Could Be a Bad End To The Year For Equity Markets

Ed Moya joins me today to recap some of the negative trade developments that are pushing markets lower for the second day in a row. As trade worries are back on the table after some comments made by Trump we are seeing safe assets get another bid. December could be a very important month if the markets continue this slide.

Click here to follow along with what Ed is writing over at OANDA.

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Company Updates From Management - Tue 3 Dec, 2019

Skeena Resources – Drilling and Financing Updates For Both The Eskay and Snipp Properties

Walter Coles, President and CEO of Skeena Resources (TSX-V:SKE & OTCQX:SKREF) joins me for a comprehensive update on the drill program that is underway at the Eskay Creek Property. 4 drill rigs are now on site with a focus on infill drilling with also an exploration component. The increase in exploration drilling is a new development since the Company reported some good results in new areas. We also touch on the drill program at Snipp which is completed and assay results are pending.

Click here to visit the Skeena website and read over the recent news release on the Eskay drill results.

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Company Updates From Management - Mon 2 Dec, 2019

O3 Mining – Updates on the current 50,000 meter drill program

Jose Vizquerra, President and CEO of O3 Mining (TSX.V:OIII) joins me for a quick update on the 50,000 meter drill program underway. We look ahead to next year when the total number of drills onsite will be increased to 4 (from 2 currently) with the goals of expanding the resource and getting abetter understanding of the geology. There will be a lot of news coming out of the Company for the foreseeable future.

Click here to visit the O3 Mining website for more information. Also please email me with any questions you have for Jose regarding O3 Mining –

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Exclusive KE Report Commentary - Mon 2 Dec, 2019

Global economic data is declining but does that mean next year will be like 2008?

Anthony Saccaro, President of Providence Financial joins me to share his thoughts on the stability of the equity market around the world. With economic data continuing to decline it’s reasonable to think a recession is around the corner but there are a number of other factors that could hold the markets up. We dive into these other factors that have helped support the markets new all time high values and just how sustainable they are.

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Company Updates From Management - Mon 2 Dec, 2019

Riverside Resources – More information on the Pichette Gold Project acquisition in Ontario

Last week Riverside Resources (TSX.V:RRI & OTCQB:RVSDF) announced its third project acquisition in Ontario, Canada. The Company added the Pichette Gold Project, located in the Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Gold Belt.

A new guest to the show Freeman Smith, Riverside’s VP Exploration joins me to share what attracted the Company to this project. We discuss the largest mine in the area, the Hardrock Gold Mine as well as some of the other projects and deposits. We wrap up the call with the work planned for next year and the permitting process.

Click here to visit the Riverside website and read over the full release.

Please email me with any other questions you have for the team over at Riverside.

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Weekend Show Politics - Sat 30 Nov, 2019

Hour 2 – Politics and Social Comments
Full Second Hour

Segment 1 – We discuss the psychological impact that Holidays have on everyone With Dr Frieda Birnbaum.Segment 2 – Dr. Frieda Birnbaum opines on the impeachment situation.Segment 3 – Jim and Big Al wrap up the past week in politics stemming from both facts and opinions.Where will Trump end up in November? Jim and Big Al think that they know.

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Segment 3

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