Bob Moriarty: From Coronavirus to Gold to Goats on the Roof

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Source: Maurice Jackson for Streetwise Reports 08/05/2020

Bob Moriarty of 321gold and Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable discuss the effects of pandemic fears on markets, government and society, as well as the status of a number of gold and precious metals juniors, including one whose stock Moriarty expects will take off like a “rocket ship.”

Maurice Jackson: Joining us for a conversation is Bob Moriarty, a world-renowned best-selling author and Founder of 321gold and

Bob Moriarty: Thank you. It’s good to be back, Maurice.

Maurice Jackson: Always an honor to have you join us on the program. We have several items to discuss, so let’s get started. Beginning in the United States, what are your thoughts on the prospect of postponing the election because of the coronavirus?

Bob Moriarty: Oh boy. When you went through training, did they ever teach you how to throw a hand grenade?

Maurice Jackson: No, sir.

Bob Moriarty: Okay. Are you familiar with the basics?

Maurice Jackson: Yes, sir. You pull the pin and throw it as soon as you can in the right direction.

Bob Moriarty: Okay. Now, you got it in exactly the right order, but what happens if you pull the pin and you don’t let go?

Maurice Jackson: Oh, that’s not a favorable outcome.

Bob Moriarty: That’s an unfavorable outcome. The protests in U.S. scare the hell out of me. Let me give you some numbers. Fifty-three million Americans have lost their jobs and applied for unemployment compensation. A lot of them were getting an extra $600 a week; that stops today. They were getting paid not to work, so they didn’t work. Now, many of those 53 million Americans are not going back to work, and that includes the travel industry, it includes the airlines, it includes hotels, it includes restaurants. When the dust finally settles, Americans are going to be shocked to see how much of a change has happened since March.

Now, then, when you have a country with 53 million people out of work and the government stops giving them free money and there are 395 million guns in the country and the deep state has been running a three-year coup against the President, what happens if the President says, “Well, we don’t need to vote, we got a President.”?

Maurice Jackson: Again, it’s not a favorable outcome. I believe that the losing party from the election is going to be a sore loser. What are your thoughts there?

Bob Moriarty: I don’t think there’s going to be an election.

Maurice Jackson: I’m shaking my head in disbelief. That’s something I never thought I’d hear coming from the United States.

Bob Moriarty: Well, yeah, but you can look around. I mean, the strange thing is, you’ve been interviewing me for years and nothing that is happening is a surprise to me. It’s something that I said was coming years ago. I was writing books four years ago …read more

Source:: The Gold Report