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  • Did Amazon Just Eat Walmart’s Lunch?

    Did Amazon Just Eat Walmart’s Lunch?

    This post Did Amazon Just Eat Walmart’s Lunch? appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Amazon upending brick and mortar retail is the worst-kept secret on Wall Street. We all know how Jeff Bezos’ mall-crushing romp has forced investors to ditch vulnerable retail plays as the sector continues to slide. But lately, we’ve seen signs of life from some well-established traditional retailers. The old-school stores that have successfully built their online offerings to compete with Amazon have held strong against the e-commerce king’s onslaught. Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is one of these companies. The biggest brick and mortar retail operation in the country has maintained a healthy rivalry with Amazon over the past year. The company made all the right moves. It even bought e-commerce upstart Jet.com as part of a bigger campaign to boost its online footprint. If any retailer could go toe to toe with Amazon, it’s Walmart. The gloves were off… Naturally, we were paying close attention as Walmart released earnings to kick off the short trading week. The results weren’t pretty. Walmart topped sales estimates. But the retailer shocked investors with a rare bottom-line whiff, posting earnings far below consensus estimates. The stock gapped down below $100 at the open …Read More »
  • Ray Blanco: “Blockchain Will Be as Profitable as the Internet Boom”

    Ray Blanco: “Blockchain Will Be as Profitable as the Internet Boom”

    This post Ray Blanco: “Blockchain Will Be as Profitable as the Internet Boom” appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The biggest blockchain stock explosion of 2018 is set to erupt, unleashing a tsunami of wealth for investors. Blockchain stocks are just like bitcoin when it was first invented. But while bitcoin has already matured, the demand for blockchain technologies has only just begun. Any company investing heavily in blockchain technology will skyrocket as we watch the tech transform our technological landscape. Emerging blockchain applications include securities exchanges, voting systems, cryptographically secure property registries, peer-to-peer insurance, supply chain management, smart contracts and anti-counterfeiting payment and remittance systems. Blockchain tech touches everything! Investing in blockchain today is like investing in internet stocks at the beginning of the tech boom. The profits will be unbelievable! Blockchain and Beyond All major cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain networks to function. But the future of blockchain technology will extend far beyond financial applications to include everything from big data to robotics and artificial intelligence. It will be the most disruptive financial technology since the birth of the internet — and a road to huge profits for investors. One company in particular is leading the pack as the most …Read More »
  • SpaceX Investor: “We Can’t Find An Exit!”

    SpaceX Investor: “We Can’t Find An Exit!”

    This post SpaceX Investor: “We Can’t Find An Exit!” appeared first on Daily Reckoning. “Zach, our biggest challenge here is that there’s simply no way to exit!“ No, this wasn’t one of those “escape room” games where you try to solve clues to win the challenge. This was a conversation with my new friend Chris — who has found himself trapped in an increasingly risky situation. Fortunately for Chris, there’s help on the way. And fortunately for you and me, that help could be very lucrative. That is, if you know how to jump in alongside Chris as new exit opportunities turn up… A Private Problem Hindered By Regulations I met my new friend Chris while doing work at Starbucks last week. It all started when I heard him talking on the phone about Elon Musk and the SpaceX highly publicized rocket launch earlier this month. As it turned out, Chris is an investor in SpaceX and many other high-tech companies that are working on some amazing cutting edge projects. You don’t normally just “bump into” investors in SpaceX at Starbucks. That’s because SpaceX — and many of the other firms Chris is invested in — are private companies that …Read More »
  • A Tale of Two Markets, Continued

    A Tale of Two Markets, Continued

    This post A Tale of Two Markets, Continued appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Political dysfunction in the United States is at an all-time high. Republicans and Democrats are fighting pitched battles on immigration, Obamacare, tax cuts, regulation, infrastructure and just about every other major policy issue you can name. These fights are bitter, involve a lot of name-calling and show no signs of abating soon. The stakes could not be higher. These policy fights are a prelude to the congressional elections in November 2018 when the entire House of Representatives is up for grabs. Right now the Republicans are in control, but a loss of 24 seats will put the Democrats in charge and hand the gavel over to Nancy Pelosi as the speaker of the House. Once that happens, the impeachment of Donald Trump will begin within a matter of weeks. In this toxic environment, it seems that Republicans and Democrats cannot find common ground on anything. It turns out that’s wrong; they can agree on something. More spending! The Republicans have thrown in the towel and given up any pretense of being fiscally conservative. Republicans have joined forces with Democrats to eliminate budget caps on defense and domestic …Read More »
  • The Great Tug of War Behind Today’s Market

    The Great Tug of War Behind Today’s Market

    This post The Great Tug of War Behind Today’s Market appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Our hold on reality dangles by a fraying thread… and the psychologist’s couch awaits. The stock market is to blame. Consider… The recent correction was (at least in part) triggered by rising long-term interest rates. Yields on the 10-year Treasury nicked 2.88% on Feb. 5 — a whisker from the 3% red line many feared could send stocks on a merry fall. That is the point at which debt begins to weigh… and investors seek higher returns in the bond market. But the 3% theory came in for hard sledding last Wednesday… The 10-year yield glided right past 2.88% — all the way to 2.92% — and that much closer to the red line. How did stocks take it? With a hearty belly-laugh. The Dow Jones ended last Wednesday 253 points higher. The S&P closed 36 points higher; the Nasdaq 130. Hence our psychic distress… hence our pending journey to the head shrinker. As we noted in gobsmacked amazement: Stocks roared even as 10-year yields eclipsed the mark that supposedly triggered last week’s sell-off… How could this be? It “does not add up,” read analysis …Read More »