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  • Live Like You’re on a Vacation–Permanently

    Live Like You’re on a Vacation–Permanently

    This post Live Like You’re on a Vacation–Permanently appeared first on Daily Reckoning. If you hadn’t picked up on it yet, I’ve had a bit of a travel theme this week. Between how I fly for free, and the dangers of traveling abroad, you should now have a pretty good idea of how to get where you’re going cheap, and how to stay safe while you’re visiting. When most people think of getting a change of scenery, a vacation is the first thing that comes to mind. You think of heading to your favorite destination for a week or two and soaking up the sand and sun, or the snow, if you’re the winter sports type. Personally I like the beach, but snowboarding with my daughter is great too. But what if you didn’t have to wait for just two short weeks of the year to enjoy lush tropical locales or mountainous adventures? What if instead… you could choose to live in that kind of environment all year round? Unfortunately in the USA, the most desirable vacation locations are also pretty expensive. Beach living is costly, as is the cost of living in major cities or other desirable locales. The …Read More »
  • Travelers Beware

    Travelers Beware

    This post Travelers Beware appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Finally, you get to cross Rome off your bucket list for travel destinations! While exploring the Colosseum, one of the locals offers to snap a photo of you and your group in front of the busy landmark. Without thinking, you agree and hand over your smartphone. As you’re getting ready to pose, you look up and see that your new “friend” has just run off with your phone. In your twenties, you might have chased after the thief. But, as you get older, you can’t rely on your physicality as much. Instead, you need to stop crooks before they even have a chance to act. Traveling tops most American’s lists of things they’re most looking forward to spending money on in retirement. This year alone, baby boomers spent an average of $6,600 on leisure trips both domestically and abroad, according to AARP. So before you book any flights, make sure you read my post from yesterday about how I fly around the world, and stay at luxury hotels for free, and how you can too! Now, if you’re planning an international trip or even looking to travel within the United States, …Read More »
  • My Secret to Traveling the World for Free

    My Secret to Traveling the World for Free

    This post My Secret to Traveling the World for Free appeared first on Daily Reckoning. A few weeks ago, we talked about a recent offer that I received in the mail – one that promised a dirt-cheap trip to Kauai for two hours of my time. It was a good deal, but as I mentioned in that article, I was just in Kauai less than a year ago, so it wasn’t some must-do thing. Meanwhile, I’m in Italy right now – taking my mom and daughter across the country from Rome to Venice. Based on these little tidbits, you might think I spend a lot of money traveling. But that’s not true. I employ one simple travel hack that you can also take advantage of today! No need to sit through any type of timeshare sales presentation, either! My Free Travel Secrets In short, I use generous credit card signup offers to accumulate large amounts of airline miles, free hotel rooms, and other perks at absolutely no cost to me. Just as an example, when I searched return flights from Venice I was shocked to find the best offers were running $3,000 per person! RIDICULOUS!! Fortunately, I have a lot …Read More »
  • 10 Tips That Will Add 10 Years to Your Life

    10 Tips That Will Add 10 Years to Your Life

    This post 10 Tips That Will Add 10 Years to Your Life appeared first on Daily Reckoning. One hundred years old is an age most people, including the average American, won’t reach yet certain areas in the world are hotspots for centenarians. In 2012, National Geographic and a research team headed by Dan Buettner set out to learn why do people in some parts of the world live so much longer than others? What they discovered were five “Blue Zone” regions, where the people not only lived longer, but better. “Besides having a large percentage of people that live to 100, the aging population also remains active well into their 80s and 90s, and typically do not suffer the degenerative diseases common in most of the industrialized world,” says Buettner. The five Blue Zones around the world are: Ikaria A small Greek island where the elderly nap every day, garden regularly, eat well, and even stay sexually active. One in three Ikarians live to the age of 90, and this population tends to outlive the rest of Europe and America by a decade or more. Okinawa A southern Japanese island where men live to about 84 while women of the …Read More »
  • Who Has the Trade War Hurt More: U.S. or China?

    Who Has the Trade War Hurt More: U.S. or China?

    This post Who Has the Trade War Hurt More: U.S. or China? appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Yesterday we hazarded a defense of free trade. Here was the rock of our argument: A free man — even an American — enjoys the right to purchase his wares at the lowest price he can obtain them. That is, we stood upon “that right which man has to purchase his sustenance where he can obtain it cheapest.” But today we vacate the defense counsel’s table. Instead we don the black robe… and take our impartial seat in the judge’s chair. Which party — the United States or China — is winning the trade war? That is the case before us today. We first consult the jury — the stock market. Dow Soars on Trade Hopes The Dow Jones was up nearly 400 points by 11 this morning. That is because the president sat down with China’s vice premier this morning to negotiate trade. At 9:49 Mr. Trump announced: Good things are happening at China Trade Talk Meeting. Warmer feelings than in recent past, more like the Old Days. I will be meeting with the Vice Premier today. All would like to see …Read More »