A Microcap Stock Play With MoneyGram


One of our favorite stocks came into range last week…

War Room members have played MoneyGram (Nasdaq: MGI) before and made money doing it.

This time I recommended a special strategy that has the potential to bring members even more profits in the days and weeks ahead.

Most of our recommendations in The War Room are options trades. But in this case, I recommended a stock play because the options prices were just too expensive.

A note to the wise…

When you are dealing with penny stocks, it’s usually best to buy the shares since they don’t expire!

The first time MoneyGram came to my attention was when Alibaba offered to buy the company for more than $1 billion. However, the U.S. government nixed that deal – and MoneyGram shares plunged on the news and have stayed in a very narrow range between $2 and $4.

The shares came to my attention again after it was announced crypto giant Ripple Labs invested $50 million into MoneyGram by buying shares at $4.10.

MoneyGram is a leader in cross-border payments, and Ripple is trying to be the leader in payments processing technology using its own platform.

Then, the other day, MoneyGram popped back on my screen after Brink’s invested $9 million in the company. That news was tucked away in a filing that few people would have seen.

MoneyGram also announced that it joined the “cash by text” crowd for cross-border payments, which puts the company right up there with some of its technology partners like Visa.

So the question you must ask yourself is this…

Why are so many companies not only partnering with MoneyGram but also investing real money by buying stock in it as well?

Action Plan: MoneyGram has already been to the altar once with Alibaba when it was trading 10 times higher. Could another trip to the altar with a different company be far behind?

We may not stick around to find out, but with a special three-pronged strategy found only in The War Room, we’ll look to have members take in some nice gains from MoneyGram when all is said and done.

Microcap stocks are volatile for sure. And if you can’t stomach 5% or 10% moves in a day or even a week, it may be best to sit the trade out.

But in The War Room, we always have your back. Isn’t it time you hopped aboard the MoneyGram train and joined me?

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